What is CoinEx|Date?

CoinEx Date provides technical analysis to crypto-traders. Presently the site offers technical indicators and time series forecasts for closing day currency pairs. Additional indicators and forecasts are being developed and will be available soon. Longer term, intraday indicators and forecasts will be available. At this time we do not plan on offering HFT algorithms.

Who made CoinEx|Date?

A couple of data scientists and devs from the financial service industry who dabble in crypto-trading.

Why make CoinEx|Date?

A lot of online crypto-currency “technical” analysis is actual simple trend analysis based on opinions. If you think drawing trend lines on a candlestick chart constitutes technical analysis CoinExDate is not for you.

Why is this free? Is there a premium version?

The current version of the site is free. In the future premium services may be offered.

How can I contact the creators of CoinExDate?

Simply email the data science and developer team at coinex.date@gmail.com.